Welcome to jsbeans JavaScript Beans collection Library


What jsbeans IS:
  • It's a collection of (almost) indipendent JavaScript Objects
  • Every object, aka jsbean, tries to provide uncommon functionalities
  • A helper for web developers
What jsbeans IS NOT:
  • A substitute for other javascript frameworks
  • A general purpose framework (e.g. it does not provide a document.getElementById alias)
  • A nightmare for dependencies
As a choice of design every jsbean is a standalone JavaScript Object, what's why you don't have to worry about dependencies.
UI (User Interface) widgets are designed to be used without complex HTML or CSS knowledge providing, where possible, a code-only approach, as much as similar to eclipse's SWT coding.
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Browser compatibility

Version/build rules



Documentation API


A demo site is available here, a Pet Store sample application based only on jsbeans with use of some jsbean as jsbeans.Layout, jsbeans.Array, jsbeans.Validator, jsbeans.SmartInsert, jsbeans.Request, jsbeans.Table, jsbeans.TagCloud, ...
It does not use the compressed version and it's only for demo purpose.
A single demo/test page for each jsbean is available clicking on buttons below.
Everytime you find this icon code you can check for code snippets by clicking on it. In any cases check page code as demo's functions are all inline!
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